Checking in From Silver City

Eat, ride bikes, eat, sleep, hydrate, eat, and sleep!

That pretty much sums up the plan for almost every day here in Silver City. Me and the boys from iRT Racing were sent here to get acclimated to the altitude in preparation for the Tour of the Gila that starts next week.

Early on in our trip we went and raided a few thrift stores and made some clutch purchases. I bought a puzzle for $1 that Sam and I have been working on slowly each day. We also found a rad book store and made some purchases there as well.

Here’s what each of us generally do during the day:


He rolls out to ride before most of us have even finished breakfast and then makes some extra cash playing poker online. Legend.


He’s either watching Breaking Bad on his iPad or is showing us some absolutely ridiculous videos on his phone.


You can usually find Eder in bed or tinkering with his bicycle.


Making dinner. The man is always in the freaking kitchen! It’s awesome.


Sam was more fun before he got sick but now he spends most days in bed gaming, sleeping, reading, or blowing his nose.


Working! Wal-ton is always working. Anytime I need to find him I go downstairs and check the command center.


Usually I’m either playing League of Legends with Sam, watching the x-files or reading.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re excited to get on with the racing already! Let’s give it a go!


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