Why I Love Monday

Usually Monday equals rest and relaxation for me. It is generally the one day out of the week that I don’t have to ride bikes and I can just fat dog it all day. It really makes for the perfect way to start a week! Sometimes I have a bunch of weird chores to do or something comes up but those types of Mondays are fairly rare.

Apparently I am not among the norm in my love for this glorious day.

What most people seem to think of Monday:

When I was out getting my hair beautified today I overheard various people complaining about Monday like it was the day’s fault.

“Hey, how are you?” one person would ask.

“Well, it’s Monday…” the other would respond with a shrug of the shoulders.

“Yeah, tell me about it. Sucks every week.”

It’s just another day people!

Sure, Monday can ‘suck’ sometimes just like every other day of the week can ‘suck’. Think of it as a fresh start to a potentially amazing week! Why would you want to start it off by dreading all of the bad things that may or may not happen? Get out there and start making Monday the best day of your week going forward.

For example this is how my Monday played out this week:

(Between, and sometimes during, each of these activities there was a lot of legs up action happening.)

  • Netflix
  • Breakfast
  • Netflix
  • Core workout
  • Lunch
  • Haircut
  • Reading
  • Automotive things with my dad
  • Dinner
  • Video games with some friends
  • Blog
  • Netflix
  • Reading
  • Bed


Quite riveting stuff. I’m surprised I got everything done.

Let me know if you need help planning out your Mondays, I’m quite good at bringing the happy levels up.

Back to work tomorrow with some more rad intervals on the bicycle. You can follow along and make fun of how slow I’m riding on Strava if you’re into that stuff. It’s good times!


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