Blogging Comeback

I used to blog a bit, but then I got lazy. At a certain point you fall so far behind that it becomes more and more difficult to jump back in and post something. Since I am years beyond that point I have decided to go ahead and create an entirely new blog and start from scratch. I miss writing!

A lot of things have happened since my last post but most of you probably did not read it or if you did you certainly don’t remember what it was about… neither do I so it’s alright.

Let’s just start anew:

I am currently racing for the new iRT Racing Team based in Pasadena California. This team is AWESOME! Somehow they managed to bring on riders and staff that created a family atmosphere in a matter of days. It hasn’t even been an entire month since we finished training camp but I already miss my team. The passion, for cycling in general and our team more specifically, shown by riders, staff and sponsors is incredible to see first hand. Stoke levels are high all around!

That’s the good news. Unfortunately; there is also a bit of bad news.

I managed to throw myself on the ground about four weeks ago and fractured the radial head in my left elbow. It was a fairly minor fracture but because of its location I ran the risk of fracturing it more by riding outside. I was forced to embark on a four week mental purgatory of trainerville. It was brutal.

Luckily after enduring some some challenging computrainer sessions with Bruce over at Athleticamps I am not very far behind where I was with my fitness before the crash. I still have to wait a couple more weeks before I can race but being outside on a bicycle and feeling the wind in my face feels so good!


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