Checking in From Silver City

Eat, ride bikes, eat, sleep, hydrate, eat, and sleep!

That pretty much sums up the plan for almost every day here in Silver City. Me and the boys from iRT Racing were sent here to get acclimated to the altitude in preparation for the Tour of the Gila that starts next week.

Early on in our trip we went and raided a few thrift stores and made some clutch purchases. I bought a puzzle for $1 that Sam and I have been working on slowly each day. We also found a rad book store and made some purchases there as well.

Here’s what each of us generally do during the day:


He rolls out to ride before most of us have even finished breakfast and then makes some extra cash playing poker online. Legend.


He’s either watching Breaking Bad on his iPad or is showing us some absolutely ridiculous videos on his phone.


You can usually find Eder in bed or tinkering with his bicycle.


Making dinner. The man is always in the freaking kitchen! It’s awesome.


Sam was more fun before he got sick but now he spends most days in bed gaming, sleeping, reading, or blowing his nose.


Working! Wal-ton is always working. Anytime I need to find him I go downstairs and check the command center.


Usually I’m either playing League of Legends with Sam, watching the x-files or reading.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re excited to get on with the racing already! Let’s give it a go!


Redlands Day One

Most of the time cycling is a lot of “hurry up and wait”. We spend a large portion of our time either totally stressed out trying to get somewhere early or sitting at our destination waiting for our next objective. Redlands has been no exception! So far I have spent just as much time worrying about being late as I have just sitting around with nothing to do. It’s an odd lifestyle.

Hurry up and pile into the van and now wait because we grabbed the keys to our hosts truck and not the van keys. Rage to the start and then wait because we are super early. You get the idea…

Today we started the Redlands Bicycle Classic with a wild circuit race. Flat out one minute up a steep roller and then send it full gas downhill through some neighborhoods and a bunch of corners. Good times!

Host housing has been amazing as it always is at Redlands and the morale on the team is high. It’s nice to be on a team where the riders and staff all get along so well!

Time trial at elevation tomorrow. Not super excited about that but it is what it is ha ha.

Also, Sam has an amazing mustache going right now so make sure to tell him how great it is and that he should definitely keep it as long as possible.


A photo posted by Chris Stastny (@the_staz) on Apr 8, 2015 at 9:06am PDT

It’s Racing Time

You see what I did there iRT fans?

Anyways, I have finally begun my assault on the 2015 bicycle racing season at the Santa Cruz Classic. The race went really well with Eamon taking a convincing win in the sprint!

Check out some video footage from his perspective (and my beautiful butt for the first couple minutes):

Next on the objectives list is Copperopolis. After that we embark on an 80s tunes fueled road trip down south with Walton and Sammy. Redlands here we come!

Why I Love Monday

Usually Monday equals rest and relaxation for me. It is generally the one day out of the week that I don’t have to ride bikes and I can just fat dog it all day. It really makes for the perfect way to start a week! Sometimes I have a bunch of weird chores to do or something comes up but those types of Mondays are fairly rare.

Apparently I am not among the norm in my love for this glorious day.

What most people seem to think of Monday:

When I was out getting my hair beautified today I overheard various people complaining about Monday like it was the day’s fault.

“Hey, how are you?” one person would ask.

“Well, it’s Monday…” the other would respond with a shrug of the shoulders.

“Yeah, tell me about it. Sucks every week.”

It’s just another day people!

Sure, Monday can ‘suck’ sometimes just like every other day of the week can ‘suck’. Think of it as a fresh start to a potentially amazing week! Why would you want to start it off by dreading all of the bad things that may or may not happen? Get out there and start making Monday the best day of your week going forward.

For example this is how my Monday played out this week:

(Between, and sometimes during, each of these activities there was a lot of legs up action happening.)

  • Netflix
  • Breakfast
  • Netflix
  • Core workout
  • Lunch
  • Haircut
  • Reading
  • Automotive things with my dad
  • Dinner
  • Video games with some friends
  • Blog
  • Netflix
  • Reading
  • Bed


Quite riveting stuff. I’m surprised I got everything done.

Let me know if you need help planning out your Mondays, I’m quite good at bringing the happy levels up.

Back to work tomorrow with some more rad intervals on the bicycle. You can follow along and make fun of how slow I’m riding on Strava if you’re into that stuff. It’s good times!

Blogging Comeback

I used to blog a bit, but then I got lazy. At a certain point you fall so far behind that it becomes more and more difficult to jump back in and post something. Since I am years beyond that point I have decided to go ahead and create an entirely new blog and start from scratch. I miss writing!

A lot of things have happened since my last post but most of you probably did not read it or if you did you certainly don’t remember what it was about… neither do I so it’s alright.

Let’s just start anew:

I am currently racing for the new iRT Racing Team based in Pasadena California. This team is AWESOME! Somehow they managed to bring on riders and staff that created a family atmosphere in a matter of days. It hasn’t even been an entire month since we finished training camp but I already miss my team. The passion, for cycling in general and our team more specifically, shown by riders, staff and sponsors is incredible to see first hand. Stoke levels are high all around!

That’s the good news. Unfortunately; there is also a bit of bad news.

I managed to throw myself on the ground about four weeks ago and fractured the radial head in my left elbow. It was a fairly minor fracture but because of its location I ran the risk of fracturing it more by riding outside. I was forced to embark on a four week mental purgatory of trainerville. It was brutal.

Luckily after enduring some some challenging computrainer sessions with Bruce over at Athleticamps I am not very far behind where I was with my fitness before the crash. I still have to wait a couple more weeks before I can race but being outside on a bicycle and feeling the wind in my face feels so good!